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Our platform gives your fans the possibility to appreciate your skills, art, music, cooking, and especially social responsibility. We intended to encourage our members to compete regarding goodness, moral values and social skills which will result in a higher quality of public communications.


Tax cut

Tipsy makes additional income for individuals. Hence, there would be no barrier for the business owner and no social security tax should be applicable on the amounts (please consult with tax authority).

pay directly from your credit card

If you add a card as a payment method to your profile, then you can pay tips with no more burden.

tip within seconds

If you pay tip by Tipsy, the waiter will receive the notification right there.

Individual QR code

Everybody has a QR code on Tipsy. Customers can scan the waiters' code and pay tip in a second.

Location-Based Features

Tipsy is equipped with geolocation technologies. This feature helps the users to locate the restaurants faster and find the exact waiter in seconds.

Nearby waiters

Tipsy gives the user the possibility to find nearby waiters to leave tip faster.

Open for contribution

If you don’t see your place on the app, you can add it. So Tipsy is open for changes.


You can add an event in Tipsy. The event could be a music event or street performance. People can find their nearby events on Tipsy and leave tips for performers or participants.

Let’s encourage
high-value experiences…

Tipsy ™ is a supporting social platform for individuals to collect respect and gratitude in public. Individuals can solely or in a group of musicians, painters, trainers, dancers, waiters and any other lawful and ethical activities enjoy the platform functions.

Gratitude in the most transparent way

Tipsy ™ is a free platform for everyone that allows expressing appreciation to a person within a matter of seconds.

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